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How to Find the Right Acting Training... FOR YOU!

You want to start Acting, or maybe you're already Acting but just looking for training. Great! But there's so much out there it can be hard to sift through all the options and decide what the right choice is. Don't worry, that's where I come in.

Finding Your Niche

Before deciding on the training you need, you need to know where you fit into the industry. The Acting Industry can be extremely daunting and that's why we have to play the game in order to beat it! So... What makes you unique? Find the parts of yourself that make you stand out. Find the areas you need to improve on and start honing those skills. We only get better at something when we practice. As they say practice makes perfect. This will help you begin to look at your talents as something tangible, what you can use to show Casting Directors how you stand out.

What Does This Have to do With Acting Classes?

Don't worry, we're getting there. It's all important, trust me. Once you've gotten a grasp on what you do best and what you need to improve on, that's when we can start to talk about getting training for those abilities. Just saying "I want to be an Actor" isn't enough. It's a great start, but it doesn't help sculpt the goals that will make those dreams a reality. Seeing where you fit in the industry at your beginning will now help see what you need.

Choosing a Class

Find something you're interested in and that you want to improve. Whether Classical Acting strikes your fancy (Shakespeare, Moliere, Chekhov) or maybe Voiceover/Voice Acting? Going into an Acting class with a purpose will help mold your training into useful skills you'll be able to apply to developing your own craft.

When I was choosing Acting training, I decided that what I was looking for was a serious acting program that could expand my dramatic skills. I'd found success as a comedic actor and that's what I was good at. I saw improving my dramatic skills as a necessary area to build and chose a program that aligned with that criteria. FIND YOUR OWN CRITERIA. What are you looking for? Constantine Stanislavski's Method of Acting focuses on finding the truth in your acting by bringing real experience to the work. Meisner Training focuses on activity to unlock discovery in the actor. Above all you must be curious about what you want. Improvisation has become an integral part of Modern Acting Training, but stems from Ancient Italian Clown Theatre La Commedia Dell'Arte. If this's the path you want to go, continue to be interested in it.


When something comes up that sounds intriguing, research it! There's so much information out there thanks to the internet and so settling for something that's not right is a waste of time. Take the time to learn about the programs you're looking into and find one that genuinely interests you, that you find the time just vanishes when reading about it.

Film Classes vs. Theatre Classes

I would highly suggest finding classes that focus first on theatrical acting. I found my love for Acting in the theatre. This community is much more loving and inviting, and you'll find yourself gravitating toward certain roles naturally. This's a great gauge in finding what you need to improve on, whereas Film Classes often focus on vanity and aesthetic performances, Theatre Classes will hone into the craft of acting; discovery and truth. Ironically working in this way will inadvertently improve the nuances you bring to a character, which's what film acting's all about.

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