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To audition for our programs click here. 

"I was really impressed with all of your actors. If we represented actors all around the country, I would probably be scheduling meetings with them all. You should be very proud of them and your program. " Cassie B. (BABES AND BEAUS TALENT AGENCY) 

Behind the Scenes

The Performing Arts Studio´s acting programs are designed to give talent world leading acting training and career prep so they can start their acting careers.  

Our Industry Pro's Showcase focus on providing  material to create professional acting portfolios. The Series will also give actors the opportunity to connect with industry professionals from the U.S. and the U.K. Through the program, actors will train and get personal feedback on what it is needed to succeed in the industry.

Our  Speech & Voice Programs  are focused on helping all kinds of professionals connect with their voices, improve their speaking skills and work with any vocal obstacles holding them back in professional or social circumstances.
We are proud to say that every one of our graduates have had significant improvements after taking our programs and are extremely satisfied with their results. 


After 5 years of development and refinement, we have curated some of the most comprehensive acting and voice programs in the U.S.

Industry Pro's Showcase

Fundamental Acting Techniques
Showcase your monologue in-front of agents seeking talent

 On Camera Audition Training
 Development of Professional Acting Portfolios

 Self-submission Preparation 
Post-program Audition Coaching.  




Tel: +1(317) 670 5255 (You can also contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram) 

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