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Acting Isn't Always Glamorous

It's easy to watch the Academy Awards and think "That's going to be me someday." But actually getting on that stage isn't the same as what it looks like. It's not just about the performance or the people you know, which believe me, they matter. But what I'm talking about is the want, nay the need to succeed. A drive. Passion. And sometimes that means you might have to get someone a coffee.

All About the Big Picture

While some careers blossom early on, it's all about patience for most and setting up that dream career might take a little more planning than you might've expected. It's all about the big picture and setting yourself up for success. That might look like starting your first (or hundredth) acting class or even as simple as creating a list of goals. In fact, I'd say setting a goal is the perfect place to start, but make sure it's something attainable like: "Attend an Acting Class" or "Audition 5 times this month". You want to set goals that are achievable and can help you build momentum.

I Don't Work For Free

Acting gigs can pay a lot and they can also pay nothing. Sometimes when you're starting your career you're going to have to do jobs that give you "no pay, copy and meals provided" which means you'll get a copy of the finished project and they'll pay for your dinner. Not the best, but if they're giving you quality acting pieces to put into a demo reel. You need samples of your work or it will be impossible to land that dream Netflix show. Building an acting reel can be hard work but I guarantee you that it will lead to more booked* work (Getting booked means getting the job).

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