Our expertise on the U.S. entertainment industry as well as our vast knowledge (and personal success stories) on immigration possibilities for actors, make us a one-of-a-kind resource to all international actors that have considered moving to America.


Either you want to start your career in the U.S. or enhance the one you have already created in your home country, our specialized coaches/consultants* can help you understand the necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Through our initial free consultation, we assess actors' candidacies to successfully immigrate to the U.S. and, 

subsequently, create a tailored action plan to build up a strong case for their application.

We understand that the sole idea of immigrating to a different country can be overwhelming and its process intimidating and expensive. Our mission is to make this process as smooth as possible by working hand in hand with all our clients and helping them create strong cases without the need of spending thousands of dollars on immigration lawyers. 


We commit and work as hard as we can with each of our clients to be part of a long and successful acting career in the U.S.!

*Our consultants are not immigration lawyers and in no way substitute an immigration lawyer work and representation. 

All consultations are done via zoom.

Schedule times are shown on your time zone.


About Victor Marana 

Originally from Mexico City, Victor is an actor (proudly represented by Gray Talent Group), coach and career consultant that discovered his love for acting 15 years ago. He is a proud masters graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.


As an actor, he has been fortunate enough to perform around the world in renowned venues like the National Theatre in Mexico, Victory Gardens in Chicago and the Messini Festival in Greece. Victor has also worked for Netflix, Disney-Pixar, Pace, Illinois Lottery both as an actor and voice over artist. He has also featured in several commercials and modelling gigs around the world and has won several best actor awards for his stage performances.

As a coach, he has been training actors for 10 years. He has also taught acting and theatre techniques for kids and young adults in different schools and academies in Mexico and the US like Chicago Public Schools, Shattered Globe Theatre, National Library Mexico, among others.


In 2017, after producing 4 successful seasons at the National Theatre in Mexico, he opened the Performing Arts Studio to help actors all around the world achieve their career goals. 

 Victor's research and knowledge on U.S. immigration for actors started 5 years ago when his career in Mexico reached a limit and decided to move to the U.S. to expand his opportunities. Since then he has gained deep insights on all the different options actors have to legally emigrate to the country. His biggest mission as a consultant is to use his knowledge and experience to open possibilities to actors that share the dream he had 5 years ago.    

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