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Speaking with clarity & presence:

Accent & Pronunciation Course

Online Program 

Requirements: Intermediate or Advanced English Proficiency

Ages: 16+

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Program Overview

When we learn how to speak English, our classes focus on grammar, syntax, vocabulary or conjugations. We rarely focus on some very important elements of language:

* Accent and Pronunciation *

Without them our ability to communicate, no matter how strong our English skills might be, can be highly impacted.

How many times have we lost our confidence or become self-conscious about the way we speak English?

How many times have we changed the meaning of a word because we pronounce it in a completely different way?

How many times have we been misinterpreted or even judged  just because our accent is difficult or too different for a native speaker?


This program is tailored for all those ESL professionals and students who have noticed that their accent and pronunciation get in the way when trying to communicate, either in a business setting or a social gathering, and for those who would just simply like to learn how to have a softer accent and master that part of language.

All our programs are taught in a stress free, ludic 

environment by professional American Dialect Coaches and Actors who are specifically trained on how to properly use our vocal apparatus for clarity, presence and meaning.

Our Program is divided in three levels that focus on the three main elements that constitute a dialect:

Consonants, Vowels and Musicality of Language.



We are so confident of the results you will have at the end of our program that if you feel you didn't get what expected we we will give you your money back! 

Level 1

Image by Antenna

Land your Vowels and Consonants!

Learn how to properly vocalize all the sounds of the English alphabet!

Level 2

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 4.56.46 PM.png

Own your Vowels and tackle that Accent!

Understand how English vowels can change in different scenarios and start playing along with the sounds of the Neutral American Accent.

Level 3

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 4.58.02 PM.png

The Music and Rhythm of the American Accent!

Listen, analyze and vocalize the nuances of the Neutral American Accent

Quesitions? We would love to help!

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Hours of operation: 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm CST

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