More info about our Masterclass Series?
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Hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm CST

We designed our Masterclass Series for actors who want to network,  get feedback and train with highly renowned professionals from different areas of the industry like:
Casting Directors, Agents, Film Directors, Coaches & Actors.

Our program main objectives are to: 

• Refine each actor's technique and auditions.

•Get insight on what your personal/acting strengths are and how you can use them to succeed in the industry.

​ Showcase your work and connect you to top industry  professionals from around the world. 


Our Masterclass Series consists on 6 sessions with 6 different industry professionals from different areas of the industry 

Before the beginning of the Series, you will be paired up according your age range (teens and adults) and training experience. Our coaches will then send you an intro package with the following industry resources:

• A comprehensive list of US, Canada, UK, Ireland: Agents, Headshot photographers and self-submitting websites.
• Training on how to self-tape auditions and self-submit to projects.
• A guide to create strong acting portfolios.

+ 1 Private Coaching Session for auditions or callbacks.

Each week, a top-notch industry professional facilitates a workshop where actors are able to work on different techniques and showcase scenes that are sent prior to the session. 

We highly encourage pairs to meet between sessions and work their scenes! 
If you would like extra coaching between sessions you can schedule them with our coaches.

Week 1
Text & Voice / On Camera Coaching
by Victor Maraña

This session is focused on creating rhythm and imagery, the correlation of punctuation-breath-emotion, finding our natural voices, creating strong subtexts and using resonators to expand expressiveness and character development.

The second half of the session focuses on fundamental On Camera Techniques. Actors will learn to use their focus and eyelines, create presence and subtlety, know the camera movement range and work rhythm and pauses effectively.

About Victor: Victor is an LA based actor with over 15 years of acting and coaching experience. He has worked as a an actor and voiceover artist for Netflix, Disney/Pixar, T-Mobile, The Onion, IL Lottery, among others. He holds an MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and has specialized  in Cicely Berry and Kristin Linklater vocal and text techniques in the UK and Mexico. 

Week 2
Intro to The Method 
by Jimena Herrero

An introduction to Lee Strasberg's Method Acting technique adopted by Award Winning Actors like Marlon Brando, Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams among many more. 
Strasberg's method is based on using your personal memories to connect to emotions, create nuanced characters and find a character's inner life.
Throughout the years this technique has proven extremely effective when used for On Camera work.

About Jimena: Jimena Herrero is a New York City-based actor and director. She has specialized in Lee Strasberg's Method Acting Technique for over 10 years. She started her training with Benicio del Toro's coach Rene Pereyra in Mexico and later received her MFA at the world renowned Actors Studio Drama School in New York.  Jimena has performed in various films in Mexico and NY; including The Water Pt 1 (Dir. Matthew Appleby) The Metamorphosis of Ismaila Ba (Dir. Malik Isasis) Goodbye Grandpa (Dir. Emiliano Casanova) Distillation (Dir. Diana Salgado).


Week 3
Talent Agent Scene Study/Audition Workshop 

Week 3 will have an invited Talent Agent who will run a mock audition.
Actors will have the option to audition with a monologue or a scene that they will be sent a week before and present to our invited Talent Agent.
Agents will  give personal feedback on each actors work and explain
what Talent Agencies expect from actors when self-taping an audition, selecting a monologue/scene and creating artistic choices when delivering the text/building the character.

The objective of this session is for all actors to know how the casting process from a Talent Agent works and what things we can do to improve our chances of getting represented!

A schedule with invited guests is sent to students a week before the beginning of the series.

Our invited Agents audition talent for companies like NETFLIX, Sony, BBC, Nickelodeon, WB, HULU, among others.
Previous Agents include Alphabet Management, Tory Christopher, Acture Talent Agency, WSM Talent, Ryan Artists, among others.

Week 4
Casting Director Scene Study Workshop (Co-Star Roles)

During Week 4, our actors meet with a Casting Director and present a new scene with their partners.
Actors will be able to choose comedic or dramatic scenes from hit TV Shows that will be sent the week before.

This workshop is focused on learning what a Casting Director is looking for when casting Co-Star roles and how we should approach them in auditions.
We will talk about types, objectives of the scene, main characters status and what do co-stars do in order to help the story go through.

Our invited Casting Director will also work on how to create different, unique choices that can set us apart from other actors while using our personal strengths to achieve this. 

A schedule with invited guests is sent to students a week before the beginning of the series.

Our last month Casting Director was Liz Ortiz who has cast projects shown at SUNDANCE, Brooklyn Film Festival, LA Indie, Tallgrass FIlm Festival, among more festivals.

Week 5 
Film Director Scene Study Workshop

On Week 5, groups will present a scene to a guest Film Director who will be working on Screen Techniques, Dialogues and Adjustments.

A primordial part of an actor work is to understand the notes that that a director gives us.
Being able to adjust, create new and strong choices on the spot, and  execute them organically are the main skills directors are looking for when casting their actors.
This workshop will give actors the tools to exercise that muscle and become open to exploring polarizing choices.

A schedule with invited guests is sent to students a week before the beginning of the series.

Every month we invite different Film Directors with a minimum of 10 years of experience. 

Week 6
Q&A w/Dennis Garcia

Seasoned actor Dennis Garcia answers all the questions our actors have about the industry and his acting career!

About Dennis: After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Dennis went on to study with Sanford Meisner's apprentice, John Ruskin, at The Ruskin School Of Acting in Santa Monica. He's worked with Academy Award winner Robert Richardson, commercial director Danny Ducovny and the late Peter Boyle.  As a proud SAG-AFTRA and EQUITY member since 2008 Dennis has worked on numerous national commercials and can be seen in NBC's CHICAGO JUSTICE, CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO PD and the film "Soul Sessions". His latest film "Barrio Boy" is in post production and is slated for a 2022 release.


Next Series runs May 28th to June 25th.


9am-11am (PST) / 10pm-12pm (MT) / 11am-1pm (CT) / 12pm-2pm (ET) / 5pm-7pm (GMT)

All rates are in USD

Full Program: $299 (5 Week Payment Plan Available: $60 weekly)

Extra Coaching Sessions
Group Coaching Sessions: $70/hr ($35 p/actor)
Group Coaching Sessions Package (3hrs): $180 ($90 p/actor)

Individual Coaching Sessions: $60/hr
Individual Coaching Sessions Package (3hrs): $150