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Our weekly virtual Masterclasses are design to help actors of all experience levels learn new techniques, train their instruments and connect with actors from all over the world!

We believe that in an era of confinment, actors need to keep their bodies, voices, emotions and minds tuned and keep evolving and enhancing their craft so that we don't lose practice and can be ready whenever a gig comes through!

We try to select a diverse arey of techinques each week so actors can get an integral training and be involved in a fun and challenging community interested in continuing their career development. 

Our weekly masterclasses have a $10 fee that goes into the organization of our programs and our extremely talented teaching artists. 10% of our earnings go to young talent in need of support for their artistic training.

We also have memberships for the ones interested in constant training!

Our next masterclass is:

Tuesday, December 1st.

10am PST / 1pmET (Duration: 1hr30min)

Emotional Memory


Jimena Herrero

Jimena Herrero is an actor/producer based in New York City.

She has 8 years of training in Method Acting by Lee Strasberg’s direct students such as Susan Aston, Jacqueline Jacobus and

René Pereyra.

She has starred and produced films and theater in Mexico and the U.S. She holds an MFA in acting from the esteemed Actors Studio Drama School in New York City.

She enjoys reading science fiction and running by the river.

Check Jimena's full bio at:


“I love acting. It is so much more real than life.” Oscar Wilde


This masterclass focuses on introducing actors to sensory work and method acting technique that has been used

by actors like Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Ann Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman among others.

Method acting is a philosophy based on getting to know yourself so you can have a deeper

understanding of the characters you play.

The purpose is to explore our instrument through our senses going deeper in our imaginary

world and trusting the nature of impulses.

Actors will walk away with new insights and appreciation of their sensorial memory having

more tools to live in any situation of the character.


1. Introduction.

Introduction to the method and its basic concepts: We will learn about the importance

of relaxation and sensory work; how does it work and why do we do it.

2. Relaxation.

We will do a guided relaxation tailored by Lee Strasberg to allow actors to identify

their tensions, open their instruments and to be emotionally available and ready

to do the work.

3. Sensory work.

i) Activity: We will choose an activity of our daily life and we will

recreate it with our five senses.

ii) Place: We will travel to an important place of our childhood.

iii) Person: We will invite someone meaningful to come into our

imaginary world.

iv) Song/Text: using any text or song you know by heart, we will exercise the ability of releasing the voice and use

as a subtext of our inner deep emotions.

v) Inclusion of the external world: We will work with actor's

 on their activity and chosen text/song.

3. Closure and Q&A: Actor's will be able to ask questions through our chat and talk about their experiences during the exercises to reflect on their personal journeys.


Main Masterclass Purpose:

The purpose of this masterclass is to develop the ability to make choices; to awake

the connection of our senses and work them with specificity.

To be available to transfer our inner world and what we discovered while

we open oursleves to the exterior and the imaginary world of the play/script.

Upcoming Masterclasses:

Saturday, December 5th

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by Steph Losada


Saturday, December 12th

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Saturday, December 19th

Meisner Technique 

by Margarite Genard.




We would love to help!


Masterclass Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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