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Level 2

Own your Vowels and tackle that Accent!

 Requirements: Intermediate or Advanced English Proficiency

Ages: 16+

All our programs are done ONLINE.

Course Description

English vowel sounds (and a couple consonants) are extremely subtle and very tricky!

Our Second Level aims to work with those difficult vowels and analyze how their sound can change depending on their position in a word.

The course will have a lot of repetition with fun, diverse material so your ears get familiar with all the foreign sounds difficult to catch until you can replicate them accurately without any help. 

We will learn how to position sounds different parts of our mouths and how to work with different body resonators.

Your coach will also start introducing key elements about the Neutral American Accent is and you will start practicing its musicality while doing vowel work.

Since vowels are phonemes with pitches, they are the best bridge to connect with the musicality of accents.

As in all of our courses, you will have the opportunity to request engaging material to work with or bring your own!

We love learning new references and learning about who you are!

We are so confident of the results you will have at the end of each of our programs that if you feel you didn't get what expected we guarantee you we will give you your money back! 

Schedule and Fees

Min 4 / Max 8 students 

All prices are in USD

Image by Bogdan Dada

Saturdays: 11am to 1pm (via Zoom)


Tuesdays: 6pm to 2pm (via Zoom)

(all times are in CST)

Tuition: $149 usd

Extra 1-on-1 sessions

For those wanting to work on specific areas of their accent, diction, pronunciation or expressiveness  our 1-on-1 sessions are a great complement to our programs.



$45/45 min

$30/30 min

For enquiries and information please contact us via email to:

or give us a call/send us a text via WhatsApp or Telegram to:

+1(312) 975-3424

Hours of operation: 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm CST

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