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Land your Vowels and Consonants!

 Requirements: Intermediate or Advanced English Proficiency

Ages: 16+

All our programs are done ONLINE.

Want to talk to us? Send us an email:

or call/text us via WhatsApp or Telegram:

+1(312) 975-3424


Course Description

Our First Level is focused on learning the correct pronunciation of all English Consonants and Vowels finishing with one last week of an introduction to the Neutral American Accent.  

During the 5 weeks of the course we will go through all the different phonemes of the English language.

We will first learn how to hear and differentiate sounds and learn their basic rules and exceptions.

We will then study our vocal apparatus and the different parts of our bodies involved in the creation of sounds. We will exercise and activate our tongues, lips, palate and resonators so they can start moving and positioning the way English speakers use them.


Afterwards, your coach will assess you individually to see what are the phonemes you struggle with and give you curated material and exercises for you to practice with in and out of class.

 Sessions are recorded and sent to you every week so you can always have a reference of your coach, yourself and your colleagues. 


We try our best to create fun and engaging classes!

You can bring your own material to work with so you can practice work/school vocabulary, lingo or specific texts.

You can also ask your coach to research specific material according to what you are interested in practicing! We can send you excerpts from your favorite books, shows, plays or poems!

And, since we are also actors, we can always role-play situations you might encounter at work or your daily life so you can feel more at ease and prepared next time you need it!

We will also encourage you to practice a lot outside of class. You can get together with your classmates or choose to send recorded updates to your coach so they can send you feedback.


Our goal is that you finish this program feeling very confident about the way you sound when speaking English and to encourage you to express and trust yourself in full!

We are so confident of the results you will have at the end of each of our programs that if you feel you didn't get what expected we guarantee you we will give you your money back! 

Schedule and Fees

Min 4 / Max 8 students 

All prices are in USD

$200 /
(Before May 15th)
$200 /
(Before May 15th)

Extra 1-on-1 sessions

For those wanting to work on specific areas of their accent, diction, pronunciation or expressiveness  our 1-on-1 sessions are a great complement to our programs.



$45/45 min

$30/30 min

For enquiries and information please contact us via email to:

or give us a call/send us a text via WhatsApp or Telegram to:

+1(312) 975-3424

Hours of operation: 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm CST

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